Digital transformation of Trade

OCR & Machine Learning mixed with decades of experience to accomplish maximum value & risk reduction

Conpend AI

Conpend Trade AI – The right tool for the job

Revolutionary data capture to handle massive variation

Trafinas uses revolutionary data capture technology which departs from the traditional template approach and uses modern big data concepts to accurately extract data from unstructured text. Using an evolving data set and user supervision a real-time feedback loop is created, similar to bias units in a neural network, which enables exceptional accuracy.

Robotic Process Automation for Trade Finance

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence married with a configurable workflow, allow for the automated movement of work between Clients, Operations and Compliance. The inline configuration capabilities empower Business users to independently operate and maintain the system avoiding costly IT change cycles.

Powerful two-way Sanction Screening

Sanction screening is automatically performed on both the extracted data and all remaining text, covering 100% of the submitted documents. The Bank’s own specific sanction lists can be used along with any relevant grey or white lists. Machine learning is applied minimizing the number of false positives without the application of extensive static rules.

TBML and Document Checking

Additional checks covering Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) red flags and internal compliance controls are performed in parallel with checks on the documents themselves. Interpretation of the Letter of Credit (LC) clauses in the relevant SWIFT messages is achieved using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and user supervised machine learning which in turn dynamically adds or refines the rules applied.

End to end audit trail encompassing all aspects of every transaction

An extensive audit trail of all activities is included through the Case Management capability which ensures that all correspondence over a transaction, including with Clients, along with other relevant documentation is stored in a “single version of the truth” for audit purposes.

Modern Architecture with numerous integration options

Given its modular, micro service based design, Trafinas can easily integrate with existing Client Portals and Trade Finance or Core Banking back office systems. Use of existing infrastructure such as Document Management Systems for text extraction (OCR) and document storage is supported and Trafinas has been successfully deployed both on premise and in the cloud.

Extreme Document Recognition & Business Analytics

Conpend AI provides the possibility extract data from physical documents & recognise patterns in sets of documents.

  • Machine Learning to constantly improve the recognition
  • Pattern recognition to flag deviations
  • Storage & audit trail of finding resolution & decisions
  • Workflow integration for issue resolution

State of the Art implementation approach

Standardized implementation approach based on decades of experience of implementing Trade solutions within Financial Institutions. Conpend has defined a solid implementation approach together with our implementation partner Proferus to ensure a smooth process with minimal impact on the running business.

  • Pre-defined sequences of workshops for education & system set-up
  • Integration with existing business processes
  • Precise weekly progress reporting


Rapid Deployment

Trafinas cloud solution is based on extensive Trade Processing experience. This results in a rapid deployment where an extensive list of market best-practises and business rules are already available in the box. Initial learning is already applied and only customer specific trade processing needs to be learned.

Problem Solving

Trafinas helps in solving complex problems & reduce complexity by:

  • Case creation of Trade transactions
  • Automated Pattern Recognition
  • Alert & Workflow suggestions
  • Creating transparency of events

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