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Why you should try Conpend AI

It’s time for a different speed & service

Digital economy is no longer becoming a myth, but a future for businesses who want to stay in the game. Manual work capacity is no longer profitable, sometimes too risky or not enough sustainable, clients are changing their demands and businesses have to find a way to keep up with it. Increasing the amount of processing data daily not only benefits when it comes to speed and time consumption per each transaction, but also keeps you up-to-date with all your entries.

Maximize your input & output data entry

No more endless loop of templates. Trafinas does not use templates but interprets the information on the document the same way that humans do and thereby enables much greater efficiency and flexibility than the traditional data capture approach.

Prioritizing your safety

Banks and Trade Finance sectors are always on alert to massive safety breaches. Just in the last 10 years banks worldwide have been fined with more than $321 billion by various regulatory bodies for failure to comply with international sanctions.

Upgrading your banking network

By using TRAFINAS, banks and financial organizations are increasing their potential value in satisfying client’s needs, improving their operational business practices and creating a safer network between the supply and demand.

Upgrading your maintenance & data storage

No more paperwork nightmare. By keeping consistent storage system of the valuable data, you are also increasing your data transparency and accuracy, for intern purposes and also for checkup compliances by reducing potential future penalties involved with legal requirements. Trafinas also does not use templates, but interprets the information on the document the same way that humans do and thereby enables much greater efficiency and flexibility than the traditional data capture approach.

Digitizing your work for a sustainable future

Despite the predictions that paper-based work will be minimized, in the last 20 years the usage of paper products has increased from 92 million tons to 208 million, which is a growth of 126%. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, of which 6800 are considered to be wasted . Let’s not forget, trees and plants create oxygen. Without oxygen there is no life. Does your office really need that much paper?

Our services

Leveraging a broad Partner network, we ensure rapid implementation and a smooth transition to a new way of working through hands on knowledge transfer and detailed documentation.

On Premise

Trafinas can be hosted entirely on premise giving you the option to leverage the infrastructure you already own.

Public or Private Cloud

Trafinas has been designed for the cloud delivering unbeatable scalability and supports both Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Software as a Service

Trafinas is available as a managed service and can be configured and managed at tenant level providing an entry level solution.

Best Practices

We provide an agile approach to implementation based on best practices from in the field enabling rapid implementation.

Comprehensive Training

Training is provided by Trade Finance practitioners using a hands-on approach which enable quick uptake by the organisation and a smooth transition to a new process.

Premium support

We believe that exceptional client experience is key to ongoing success and make it a priority that your needs are met.